Friday, 26 April 2013

Review: Barbie Kira Kira Circle Lenses - Brown

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my first review~!

From the lovely Uniqso (Website is here!) , I purchased a pair of Barbie (Also known as Dueba) Kira Kira circle lenses in the color brown. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this pair! From the preview photo, they looked pretty intense, and I was super excited to try out a bold pair of circle lenses.

Sample picture courtesy of Uniqso

Here's the breakdown of the lenses description:

Product name: Barbie (Dueba) Kira Kira Brown
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Water content: 38%

Ordering from Uniqso, I had excellent customer service! Ordering my lenses was fast and easy. By regular shipping, the lenses came to me in about two weeks, and they were packed very safely as to avoid any damage to the lenses and cases. 

My lenses! (One pair is missing because I'm already wearing them. Whoops!)

The lens bottles came in those really adorable "thank you" boxes, and they included a pair of cases for each lens. That yellow case to the side was an adorable gift~! IT comes with a lens case, tweezers for lenses, a small dropper bottle, and a mirror. Super handy!

A close-up of the lenses themselves. (Kinda looks like eyes looking to the side...)

The color in real life doesn't match the sample image. In real life, they're a warmer chocolate-brown color, which is really nice!

A few pictures of them worn:

Without flash! (Natural sun is your best friend for photos. )

With flash, and with one contact out to see the color/enlargement difference!  (My eyes are a bit red in the second photo, sorryyy! I was just tired, it wasn't the fault of the contacts.)

Now it is time to move onto ratings~

Design: ***

The design is more simple than other circle lenses, but it is very bold!  There isn't too much intricate detail in the lens themselves,  but it has this cool "cracking" texture that fades toward the center of the pupil. The outer ring is very large, as you can see! The fading design of the lenses also helps to keep the color from "leaking" into your vision as you move your eyes back and forth. 

Color: ***

The chocolate brown color of the lenses is very nice, but if you have light-colored eyes like mine, they will let a lot of your natural color through. I personally like it, I find it gives a nice effect and makes your eyes pop even more with that contrast, but if you're looking for lenses that cover more of your natural color, these will not give you that desired look.

Enlargement: ****

At 16.2 mm, I thought these would be absolutely HUGE on my eyes. They do give a lot of enlargement, but not so much where it becomes awkward and uncomfortable! These lenses give a very intense enlarging look, which will definitely draw attention. I prefer to wear these with more makeup around my eyes to enhance the enlarging effect, as I personally don't think I can get away with wearing these without any eye makeup. (You may be more confident than me, though!) I find these lenses lend very well to bold makeup, anyways.

Comfort: *****

There are SO comfortable! Sometimes I'm weary of lenses with only 38% water content because I'm afraid that they'll become dry on my eyes within a few hours. However, these lenses stayed moist and comfortable on my eyes throughout eight hours of wear, without having to use eye drops. I was afraid that their large size would also be uncomfortable (sometimes larger lenses "tickle" my eyelid/lower eyelid) but I didn't feel these at all! They are also amazingly easy to take out and handle. They feel a bit thicker than a lens with a higher water content, but I find that helps them to be sturdier, and once it's been placed on your eye the thickness doesn't bother me at all.

Overall, I would give these lenses a 4 out of 5! Even though they're a little too intense in my personal opinion for regular wear, with some eye makeup, they are amazing. They're also one of the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn, and the enlarging effect really works!

And that will be all for this review today~ 

I'm sorry, just one more picture...!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this review has helped you~

~ Jujubee